A Glance at the Future of Online Travel Industry

The Internet which was virtually unknown to masses a couple of decades ago has now become the life blood of many economies and societies. This global phenomenon has brought the human kind closer than ever before. Ranging from information websites to novel concepts of social networking, Internet has become a way of life for many people.

According to Internetworldstats.com only 16 million people used the Internet in 1995, where as today over 1200 million surf the cyber space which amounts to nearly 20% of the world population. The growth of the Internet has created a whole new dimension in doing business as well. The speed of information and the convenience has made online a promising venture for many markets.

In travel industry around a decade ago, travel agents had a better say when it came to selling travel solutions than its original providers such as airlines and hotels etc. But today the increased use of online travel has made it easy for the consumer to plan and book their travel needs easily on their own over the Internet. Hotels, airlines and other travel service providers are able to directly get in touch with customers through the Internet.

Online travel portals and websites also have an upper hand over conventional travel agents on costs as well. The traditional travel agent requires more manpower and huge investments to expand its business where as an online portal can get in touch with the whole world through a single domain purchase. However, the intense competition among online travel portals and various hospitality websites have reduced intermediary commission rates thus offering far more economic value to online transactions.

Internet research firm predicts that by 2009 roughly one third of all U.S travel revenues will be handled via Internet. Other parts of the world such as Europe and emerging giants such as India and China will also contribute heavily to the growth of online travel industry.

With the growing number of Internet users and the boom in travel industry in many emerging economies will continue to contribute to the growth of online travel industry in coming years.

Secrets in Finding Discount Hotels in Morocco

When it comes to traveling, researching and scouting for nice and affordable hotels are probably among the things I know I am good at. For me, a decent, clean, and comfortable accommodation is an essential part of my Moroccan traveling escapades. As such, I always make sure that I get to stay in a place that I know I’d be comfortable in and that it best suits my accommodation needs and preferences. This doesn’t mean, however, that I frequently go to expensive resorts and hotels whenever I travel. You see, you can still stay in well-known hotels in Morocco even if you are a bit tight on your traveling expenses. The trick is you just have to know how and where to look for them.

Even if you are a budget-conscious traveler, staying at cheap inns and motels in Morocco is not always the best alternative to safer and more comfortable hotel accommodations. Based on my Moroccan traveling and researching experiences, the tips I have listed and explained below can help you find catchy discount rates for Moroccan accommodation establishments, particularly Marrakech hotels. Follow these guides and you are sure to find a Moroccan hotel discount deal that fits your budget conveniently.

1. Conduct your own research on the hotels in Morocco.

The Internet is an excellent tool that you can use to conduct your own research on the hotels and Riads available in Morocco. As you browse over the Internet, compile a list of hotels according to Moroccan cities for this will make your search easier and faster. For instance, if you are planning to visit the most popular cities of the country, the recommended accommodation choices for you are either Marrakech or Casablanca hotels.

Also, the Internet features useful tools that you can use to make your hotel search more productive. These tools can help you find pleasant hotels by simply providing the details ( inclusive dates of your trip and your preferred hotel price range ) of your travel. With these reliable online tools, you will surely come upon superb Moroccan hotels that offer cheaper rates for their fine accommodation amenities and facilities.

2. Check out the official websites of prospect hotels in Morocco.

As soon as you are finished researching for your prospect hotels in Morocco, the next thing for you to do is to check out the official sites of each hotel in your list. Sounds easy, right? But this method of hotel researching is one of the things that most people forget to do. While online hotel booking services can provide various deals for every Moroccan hotel, it is still a must for you to check out the main webpages of your prospect accommodation establishments. Remember that some hotels in Morocco offer special discounts and deals in their official websites that are not available in any online booking services.

3. Compare rates and facilities of prospect hotels in Morocco.

Now that you know all the available accommodation discounts and deals of your prospect Moroccan hotels, it is then time for you to compare the facilities and rates featured by each hotel. This step is very important because this will help you determine which hotel provides the facilities that best complement your accommodation needs and preferences. By also comparing the featured room rates of each Moroccan hotel, it will be easier for you to know which establishments offer rates that fit well with your travel budget.